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William Blake Love Poems

Here is a list of William Blake Love Poems

  1. Fair Elanor
  2. The Garden Of Love
  3. Love and Harmony

William Blake is considered to be one of the greatest poets, philosophers and mystics of the 18th century as long as being enrolled to the list of the 100 Most Influential Britons of all times. His ballads have entitled him and made him famous among descendants as a master of love and intuitive poetry even though he was considered insane by his peers.

Blake’s volumes ‘Poetic Sketches’ (1769-1777) and ‘Songs of Innocence and of Experience’ (1794) are examples of a n authentic writing style and are embroidered with symbolism, naturalism and romantic motifs. There the author tries to draw a fragile line between human body and soul, and claims love is a bridge connecting the two dimensions. He praises nature as the ancient source of inspiration that gives freedom to the ones burdened by heartbreak: ‘Never seek to tell thy love /Love that never told can be.’

Notwithstanding, William Blake’s poems about love were inspired by his wife and femininity which he cherished and, moreover, he stood out as a women’s rights advocate alongside the initiation of the Free Love Movement, therefore his relationship with the official Church was controversial and intense. His most romantic pieces include ‘Love’s Secret’, ‘Fair Elanor’, ‘The Garden of Love’, ‘Love and Harmony’ which in combination with the author’s exquisite command of word, biblical themes and sentimentalism create an example of English poetry of the time of romanticism.

Not only is he known for romantic poems but also for the invention of a revolutionary printing technique called relief etching . Also, he allegedly received short visions of the dark and future waiting for mankind from an angle who dictated him God’s words which later on he transformed into the magnificent love poems we know today.